Fanika Knap

Fanika Knap

Handicrafts that she had learnt as a child have played an important role in her life. She has carefully kept a small sleeveless pullover, the first knitted piece of clothing that she made for her child in Australia in 1959.

However, her greatest treasure, that she has brought with her to Australia, is a linen towel that has been handed down in her family since 18th century.

Fanika was born in Slovenia, in Meliše, Upper Savinja Valley. She arrived in Australia in 1958. She married and settled first in St.Albans, a suburb of Melbourne, later moved with her husband Karl and family to Queensland.

Fanika likes making wall tapestries, with imagery of Slovenian heritage, like the tapestry of the spinner, ferryman or winter landscape. She also continues to crochet and embroider decorative table-mats, as she has learnt as a child in Slovenia.

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