• Ana Marija Thomas

    Ana Marija Thomas Listed 6 Exhibits »

    I have always enjoyed handicrafts. I learnt to embroider and sew at an early age from my mother. Since then I have also learnt the technique of bobbin-lace making and had the opportunity to visit the school in Idrija in May 2004, which I found in

  • Andrew Potocnik

    Andrew Potocnik Listed 2 Exhibits »

    Ever since childhood I loved working with wood. Later it was my good fortune to have a teacher who believed in creative rather than conventional use of wood. He encouraged me to salvage and recycle wood and taught me to appreciate it for its colo

  • Anica Kodila

    Anica Kodila Listed 3 Exhibits »

    She acquired some knowledge and skill at home. She inherited her love of needlework from her mother, who taught her to cross-stitch pillows and sheets. In Australia she greatly developed her skills and became one of the leading handicraft makers.

  • Cerar Mary

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  • Clara Brčar

    Clara Brčar Listed 0 Exhibits »

    Clara likes all kinds of handicrafts, embroidery and knitting, tapestry and crochet work, including making clothes for babies. She has also tried her hand with painting and produced a considerable number of water colours and oil paintings. Intere

  • Cuderman Anica

    Cuderman Anica Listed 3 Exhibits »

    Anica learnt Slovenian traditional handicrafts from her mother Anica (born Kežman), and has dedicated a great deal of her time and effort in producing a variety of handicrafts. Many of her products have been a contribution to the maintenance of

  • Cuderman Mirko

    Cuderman Mirko Listed 0 Exhibits »

    He likes working within the Slovenian community and creating with wood and steel, usually items that remind him of Slovenia, his country of birth. Mirko shares his handicrafts creations with friends and family, He is particularly proud of Triglav

  • Eva Bole Kosmina

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    Ema acquired many skills at home, as her father was a tailor and her mother and the children did a lot of needlework for the home. “I enjoyed needlework even as a child. At home, we used to knit pullovers, gloves, shawls and caps. My older s

  • Fanika Knap

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    Handicrafts that she had learnt as a child have played an important role in her life. She has carefully kept a small sleeveless pullover, the first knitted piece of clothing that she made for her child in Australia in 1959. However, her greate

  • Hedvika Velišček

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    As a child Hedvika loved drawing and remembers that she drew on rocks with brick fragments, whenever possible. Later she began to create a variety of handicrafts, working together with her mother and grandmother and more recently with her grandda

  • Ivan Brčar

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    Occasionally he made articles from wood, that purely for his own enjoyment. Many pieces were a reminder of his own Slovenian heritage. Such was the miniature wine barrel, displaying celebratory wine song verses, about the joys of wine drinking an

  • Ivan Klopčič

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    He worked without a formal design. He would see some wood product that he liked, and was able to reproduce it. His products were often exceptional. One Christmas he presented each family member with an alarm clock, each of them different in shape